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In the world where mobile phones have become a replacement for everything else, landline phones which once were a luxury, remain in the corner of your table, whether at home or office. With laptops and hand phones, adding the convenience of sending a quick message and communicating even without talking, the existence of landline phones has remained under doubt for the last decade. There was a need to innovate the existing models and offer features that could compete with the modern-day needs. Some companies were thriving constantly to give a business phone that worked wonders for an office. They understood the need and come up with solutions. One such company is Ateleco.

Why is there a need for advanced landline phones?

We all are aware of the radiation hazard posed by our mobile phones. The government, from time to time, has advised the people to minimize the use of mobile phones. But not using a phone is no feasible option if you are a working professional. If your job demands long hours on the telephone, you must seek alternatives to a mobile phone. But using an earphone is not a permanent solution. In offices, there is a need for telephones connected using wires having minimum risk of radiation.

We spend eight hours of our day in our offices. The environmental hazard present needs to be answered. The authorities, too look for options to deal with the problem, but since most of the service providers have limited options or devices which do not suit the requirement, the solution is seldom implemented.

Ateleco has come up with a device that serves the purpose of a modern office and is technologically sound to beat the competition in the market. These phones will allow you to make a

  1. To make a conference call.

  2. To record the conversations.

  3. To attend the call automatically as and when required.

The company has brought to us the comfort of a mobile phone, the tech of a multipurpose machine and the hardware of a landline phone with its VoIP.

What is different about VoIP?

This miraculous device called VoIP by Ateleco is loaded with features. Unlike the phones in our houses, the requirement from a phone in office is different. Options of transferring the call or keeping a record of the same are not available on regular devices. VoIP Phones can even perform the function of Voicemail transcriptions as well as unified voice and fax messaging. This phone gives the employees in an organization, superpowers to make the most of the time they give to the office. These devices work well with the internet, unlike the traditional and outdated landlines. VoIP connect every corner of the office in a unified chain, thus making the flow of information quick and cost-effective. The device also works as a disaster management alert system.

Every detail you record using these business phones by Ateleco, will be secured with cloud service and can be traced from everywhere. The phone is also fit for your budget, with this VoIP phone, you would get rid of obsolete but expensive phone services which kept your business stuck in the nineties.

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