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The VOIP Phones for Better Connectivity

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, adding a new and exciting chapter in the history of science and technology. Gradually, the traditional telephone receiver became a popular sight at offices of companies and organizations. We have come a long way from those days to have access today to more and more sophisticated means of communication.

What are VOIP Phones?

At a time when VOIP phone Atlanta has become buzzword for quick and efficient communication, let us see what these phones are and how they differ from traditional phones.

A VOIP phone, of the wide range on offer from VOIP phone Atlanta, are also called an IP phone, in short. It uses voice over IP (Internet Protocol) technologies for placing and transmitting telephone calls. Traditional phones use the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The VOIP phone converts analog audio signals into a digital format, transmits them over the Internet and converts digital phone signals received into normal telephone audio signals.

Types of VOIP:

There are two main types of IP phones – hardware based and software based phones according to VOIP Phone Atlanta.

Hardware-based phones

The hardware based VOIP phones, on offer from VOIP Phone Atlanta, resembles a traditional wired or cordless phone in appearance though it has a number of additional features. Some of these are:

  • General-purpose macro processor (GPP)

  • Microphone

  • A touch pad or keypad

  • A voice engine or a digital signal processor (DSP)

  • Display

  • AD and DA convertersEthernet or wireless network

  • A battery or DC/AC power source

  • Software-based phones

These are also known as softphones. They incorporate software program installed on a user's computer or mobile device. There is a phone handset, and a keypad. Headphones are also to be normally used and provided by VOIP Phone Atlanta.

Advantages of VOIP phones:

The VOIP phones can boast of a number of advantages over the traditional phones. A few of these are:

  • They look sleek and can be readily used as soon they are plugged into an Internet connection.

  • They bring down the expenses significantly by helping us save on long distance national and international calls.

  • They offer better connectivity with staff in remote locations.

  • There is provision to put in place better phone security.

  • Uninterrupted service can be ensured by having backup systems.

  • When an organization relocates to a new far away city, no new phones lines and installation are required.


  • A dependable and high speed Internet is essential for smooth service.

  • If there is a power or Internet outage, calls cannot be made using the VOIP phones.

  • It may become difficult to make emergency calls as the exact location of the callers may not be known.

However, these shortcomings can be minimized or overcome by adopting adequate precautionary measures as suggested by services like VOIP Phone Atlanta.

VOIP is a newer and more cost effective communication option for individuals and big organizations. The reliable services offered by VOIP Phone Atlanta are an added attraction. The convenience, mobility and cost reduction make the use of such phones a very attractive proposition for quick and effective communication.

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