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Fire Alarm System

ATELECO offers top-notch alarm systems for your home and business. We provide very simple yet very effective solutions for fire alarm systems to protect your offices and residents in Atlanta. A fire alarm system has various gadgets cooperating to identify and caution individuals through visual and sound appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or different crises are present. Alerts can be either mechanized ringers or wall mountable sounders or horns. They can likewise be speaker strobes which sound a caution, trailed by a voice clearing message which alerts individuals inside the building not to utilize the lifts.

Home alarm systems

We provide home alarm systems with fire alarm detector to protect your homes. Early discovery of flame and smoke is critical to protecting your home and your friends and family. Our smoke detector focuses to alarm both you and the fire department at the first cautioning indications of smoke.

In case that MY SENSOR Recognizes FIRE:

  1. Open entryways – for simple leaving and fire department access

  2. Turn off A/C – to moderate flow of smoke

Commercial fire alarm systems

Ateleco offers commercial alarm systems intended to meet the specific needs of your business. Our specially crafted and introduced fire insurance frameworks meet stringent code necessities for the most complete fire recognition and assurance administrations accessible today. All of our detection systems are intended to be completely operational every second of each day and will sound the alarm and summon help whether you're on location or away.

With regards to the other fire protection systems, our system’s response time is absolutely critical. Our systems are based on fire detection, intrusion, burglar alarms, door access control system, etc. to provide you the confidence that your property is always safe with our home security alarm systems.

ATELECO is the best in the industry for fire detection and alarm system. This means you do not have to worry about the fire alarm installation in your homes or offices anymore. Get the highest level of security at a very affordable price. We will provide you with the configuration, initial setup, installation and maintenance of your fire alarm systems in Atlanta. All you need to do is Call us today or fill our quick Contact Us form. Our expert technician will get in touch with you very soon.

Fire Alarm Control Units

The heart of our “never compromise” solutions


Autocall control panels are intelligent, configurable, and expandable, enabling them to fulfill a range of customer and building needs. In addition, addressable Autocall control panels offer greater intelligence, modular design, and an intuitive interface—features that make them easier to install, more reliable, and easier to manage and maintain.



An advanced, addressable control panel for complex facility requirements.



The addressable control panel that’s ideal for mid-sized buildings.



A smaller facility control panel with all the features and benefits of addressability.



Discover a robust, programmable, conventional control panel for areas requiring five to 10 initiating zones.


A programmable, conventional hazard-releasing panel in a compact, cost effective package.

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