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Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems for your home and business

ATELECO offers top-notch security alarm systems for your home and business. We provide very simple yet very effective solutions for fire alarm system, door access system, burglar alarm system, intruder alarm system, home security system and commercial security system to protect your offices and residents in Atlanta. System integration is a catch-all expression that basically implies including controls to different gadgets in the premises that are activated through the security system. In most circumstances, these controls are likewise remote controlled through smart phones. Z-wave, a wireless communications protocol that uses a low-control radio frequency is installed into your home electronic gadgets and systems, makes up an extensive area of this market today. From reasonable CCTV systems through coordinated Z-wave innovation gadgets, there is considerably more that we can offer to expand your security, comfort and peace of mind.

Wireless Camera Security System

We provide wireless home alarm systems with a camera to protect your homes. We also deal in commercial camera security system so that your offices remain secured too. Cameras enable you to monitor any action in your home while you are out. They are being utilized to monitor child care in the home and in addition the sheltered entry of older children. They additionally offer confirmation of a wrongdoing should one jump out to help police.


Home security systems

We are the providers of best home alarm systems for the security of your home when you are away. Our systems are based on fire detection, intrusion, burglar alarms, door access control system, etc. to provide you the confidence that your property is always safe with our home security alarm systems.


Business security systems

ATELECO plans and introduces the business security frameworks that will ensure and monitor your business each moment of the day and night, enabling you to have tranquility in the learning that the sanctity of your property is being shielded against expected and unintended harms.


ATELECO is the best in the industry for security alarm systems. This means you do not have to worry about the security of your homes or offices anymore. Get the highest level of security at a very affordable price. We will provide you with the configuration, initial setup, installation and maintenance of your security systems in Atlanta. All you need to do is Call us today or fill our quick Contact Us form. Our expert technician will get in touch with you very soon.

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