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Small Business Phone System

Let your business enjoy the benefits of good communication through cloud-based phone systems in Atlanta, Georgia that offer exceptional flexibility at minimal costs, yet giving a state of the art experience.

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An outstanding cloud based phone system for your small businesses

Regardless of being small or big, every business ought to have a functional business phone system in its workplace. The system allows better coordination amongst employees which pays off in the long run. However, hiring IT technicians and expensive equipment should not limit this benefit to your business. With cloud-based phone systems, you can free yourself from these expenses and troubles and dedicate your time and energy to business growth. These work at minimal costs, still giving you an enterprise-grade experience.
Presenting Ateleco: swift, convenient and secure Cloud-Based Phone Systems based in Atlanta, Georgia

With up to 30 features for every account, you are bound to have a great experience with so many features at your service (this includes conference bridging as well!). You can communicate in various different ways as per your requirement. Moreover, we have easily customizable plans as there is only one price per extension


It doesn’t matter if you are at your workplace or not; you can carry your business phone everywhere you go. It can be installed on almost every device: the soft phone of your laptop, desk phone and your mobile device.  So, you can answer messages and calls along with walkway as easily as you would on your work desk!


You don’t have to be a tech expert to be able to use the system. Neither do you require an expert to customise the phone system. With user-friendly customer portals, you can access almost all settings by yourself! Moreover, the phones are presented to you plug-and-call ready! So, forget about calling a technician every time you need to change it up a bit


Even though the system is simple and easy to use, a customer support is nonetheless present for your queries and troubles. The best part, the staff members are amiable and extremely professional with their work! Anytime you face a problem with the phones, don’t hesitate to call up the unit for help.

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High quality business phones for your office can be purchased directly from Ateleco, and comes Plug-n-Dial ready. Our Voip phone systems are best in class.

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Small Business Phone System

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General Low voltage cables

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“Ateleco exceeded our expectations. We did not think VoIP would be so clear without any delays, but it was the best service and great people to work with for our solution to carry on with our business.”

Tommy H.


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