Sunday, 22 Oct 2017
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Zultys Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of the iConnected Unified Communications application for the iPhone. 

Developed in conjunction with Quarta Mobile, Inc. (, a leading developer of mobile connectivity applications, iConnected seamlessly integrates mobile workers into the corporate Voice and Unified Communications system, providing critical tools such as single number contact, real time presence, Instant Messaging (IM), incoming call and IM alerts, iPhone Mail integration that lets you email contacts right from iConnected, internal extension dialing and corporate directory access. iConnected also enables Least Cost Routing to help companies reduce their phone bill costs.


Complete Connectivity Wherever You Go
It is a mobile world and the successful businessperson knows that customers expect results, not excuses, when it comes to their needs. That is why the iConnected™ Unified Communications solution for the iPhone is designed to provide people with true anytime, anywhere connectivity to their customers and colleagues.

iConnected is an application that extends the award-winning MXIE™ Unified Communications desktop client to the mobile device, and gives mobile employees deep real-time access to their corporate Zultys Unified Communication system to connect them as firmly into their team as if they were in the office rather than at a customer site or on the road.

About Zultys
Zultys Inc. is a global manufacturer of
IP Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications Solutions headquartered in Silicon Valley, with offices in Australia , Asia, South America and Europe . The company sells through a channel of Value-Added Resellers and Distributors in 50 countries around the world. Our feature-rich VoIP Business Phone Systems and Unified Communications applications for Windows, Mac and Linux environments easily scale to support thousands of users at up to 128 different locations. Zultys delivers advanced features that help businesses increase productivity, improve customer service and grow profitability. All of this is done in an open SIP standard, energy efficient, single server, all-in-one design that eliminates the need for multiple servers making it simple to deploy, manage and use. For more information visit